Privacy Policy

Jubbaland CSC is committed to a high standard of privacy for our users. We understand that job seeking is a confidential and private activity and we take great care to ensure the services we provide meet our users expectations.

We know that job seeking involves the provision of sensitive personal information to others.

We encourage users to carefully apply for jobs and to read our Safe Job Hunting advice page.

Jubbaland CSC collects a range of personal and non-personal data as part of its core service offering.

Jubbaland CSC collects information on our site visitors collectively including which sections of the site are most frequently visited, how often and for how long. This data is always used as aggregated, non-personal information.

Jubbaland CSC utilises this information to improve and enhance our services by monitoring the areas on the site which are most popular to users and to enhance the usability and feature set of our services.

This aggregated information may be shared with Jubbaland CSC partners, designers, technology service providers, investors, alliance partners, customers, advertisers and others in order to provide them with an overview of how Jubbaland CSC visitors use the site.